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Cardboard Cup Race (Monroeville Harvest Festival)

Saturday, August 6th, 2022
Monroeville Park Pond
Race at 3:00 Kids, Adult Race immediately following


Approved Materials & Requirements

  • Cardboard, duct tape, water-based glue, water-based paint, paper mache with water-based glue, or flout and water paste only, rope or twine.

  • Oars can be of any store-bought or handmade material.

  • Looks like a boat: Entries must have sides (not flat like a surfboard )

  • Two-man crews will be required to make the journey across the pond and back. They may have a third member to help push off.

Race Rules

Crew members must be able to swim to participate and

also provide their own life jackets. Please be prepared to go

down with your ship.

Judging will be based on overall presentation, appearance,

adherence to the rules, as well as the ability to finish the course

from one side of the pond to the other and back.


CONTACT: Rachel Oberley @ R/T Sales 623-6355 or Lois Ternet 623-3017

Download Flier:

PDF Cardboard Cup 2022
Download PDF • 112KB

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